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About Smoque Vapours

Searching for a “vape shop near me” in downtown Chicago? Stop in at Smoque Vapours, downtown Chicago’s only vape shop! With retail locations in Chicago's Loop and in Kenosha, Wisconsin, we’re here to service the vape community from Chicagoland to southeast Wisconsin. One of the first vape shops in Chicago, Smoque Vapours has been a leader in the vaping community for over five years. Our award-winning vape juices are crafted from premium USP-approved PG, VG and food flavorings and are 100% diacetyl free. We offer the latest in vaporizers, vape mods, vape pen, vape tanks, tank coils and even JUUL Vapor starter kits and JUULPods, at any one of our retail locations along with tasting stations to sample the newest vape juices available today. Check out our Artisanal E-Liquids, Prana Premium E-Liquids or our Smoque Drip Line today! Don't forget about our latest edition: the PHIX Vapor starter kits! PHIX Vapor starter kits and PHIX Vapor pods are available at Smoque Vapours Lounges in Chicago's South Loop or Kenosha, Wisconsin!

Smoque Vapours also offers wholesale vape juice services for shop owners looking for new e-liquids. Our dedicated wholesale account managers aren't simply salesmen, they are partners who can help your business grow by building long-standing relationships. Sign up with Smoque Vapours to get a wholesale experience like no other! Fill out a wholesale application to receive free vape juice samples of our best sellers! Start stocking your store with the best vape juice available! Stock your store with award-winning, wholesale vape juice today!

Recent Posts

New US study: Vaping Less Harmful to Lungs Than Smoking

By Brandon Hammond December 11, 2017 171 Views No comments

This is a reblog from Vaping Post: http://bit.ly/2iUHDwe

Latest research comparing the effects of vaping on the respiratory system with those of smoking, indicated once again that vaping does less damage to the lungs than conventional smoking.

Big Tobacco Forced to Broadcast Self-Critical Ads

By B. Gallagher October 11, 2017 566 Views No comments

Image Credit:http://bit.ly/2xxEo7D

This is a reblog from Vaping Post:

The world’s major tobacco companies are being forced to spend millions on adverts carrying ‘corrective’ messages, which will be released on prime-time television in the U.S.

100+ Vape Shops Close in Penn. as State Collects Millions in Vape Tax

By C. Bosco September 14, 2017 573 Views No comments

Image Credit: http://bit.ly/2h5OQZ5

This is reblog from WTAE, Pittsburgh Action News: http://bit.ly/2y1Qxh9

Myk Londino didn't expect e-cigarettes to lead him to his life's work. He just wanted to quit smoking, and nothing else had worked for him. But after vaping helped him ditch cigarettes, he fell in love, as he put it. He decided to dedicate his time to helping others switch from cigs to their electronic cousins.

Reactions to Recent FDA Tobacco Announcement

By C. Bosco August 8, 2017 523 Views No comments

Image credit: http://bit.ly/2hHWj3Z

This is reblog from Vaping Post: http://bit.ly/2uyuaxK

Last week the FDA announced a major shakeup to the agency’s policy on e-cigarettes which includes the de-nicotinization of cigarettes, and a PMTA deadline delay. But what do the experts who follow these events closely truly think? Vaping post got in touch with some renowned harm reduction/vaping advocates in order to find out

Despite Recent FDA Announcement, San Fran Considering Banning Flavored Vapes

By C. Bosco August 3, 2017 447 Views No comments

Image credit: http://bit.ly/2u6bqGv

This is reblog from Vaping Post: http://bit.ly/2wbRRhr

Almost 15,000 extra signatures than needed, were gathered for the petition against the flavor ban in san Francisco, and submitted to the local authorities.

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