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California Department of Public Health Study Confirms Secondhand Vapor Is Harmless

By Mel J. May 25, 2017 40 Views No comments

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Results obtained from an air sample of a small non-ventilated vape shop, clearly indicate that the amount of toxic substances present in the air where a lot of vaping is taking place, are of insignificant levels.

Trump Administration Delays Enforcement of FDA Vaping Rules

By P. Welshman May 3, 2017 647 Views No comments

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The Trump administration has delayed enforcement of a rule finalized last year that imposed strict oversight over electronic cigarettes and cigars for the first time. The move, which the Justice Department revealed in court filings Monday night in both the District and Alabama, comes as the vaping and tobacco industries are launching a concerted effort to roll back the Food and Drug Administration regulation through both legislation and litigation.

Anti-Vaping Surgeon General Ousted By President

By C. Williams April 26, 2017 626 Views No comments

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Stories posted by all major U.S. News organizations and other popular information providers have been printing the headlines about the firing of Dr. Vivek Murthy, the U.S. Surgeon General who became instantly despised by much of the vaping community. Dr. Murphy managed to launch an anti-vapor campaign in his last few months as the leading authority in public health which used the same worn-out “talking points” anti-vapor affiliates often use to defend their false ideas.

What Keeps Fueling the Harsh Resistance to Vaping?

By C. Bosco April 19, 2017 451 Views No comments

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"The misinformation campaign aimed at the vape industry is fuelled by a bias that is regulated by money in the form of research funding". An interesting perspective.

FDA's Vaping Rules Will Cost American Workers

By E. Andrews March 28, 2017 674 Views No comments

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"They placed regulations on us that imposed pretty major hurdles on our ability to stay in business. We spent over $100,000 just on registering the company and the products as they demanded and that was before we had to deal with the pre-market tobacco application"