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May 2016

How The FDA's New Rules Are Making My Life with Schizophrenia Harder

By C. Bosco May 24, 2016 1488 Views No comments

Image credit: http://bit.ly/1sOBJjy

This is reblog from author, Allie Burke. Original article:

I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia four years ago and have been picking myself up off the floor every day since. I was prescribed some medication that ruined my life, and then I was prescribed some medication that didn't ruin my life as much (I could see after the fourth antipsychotic I tried, at least, which was a definite plus).

Banning Flavored E-Juices May Break The Vaping Industry in New Jersey

By C. Bosco May 18, 2016 3132 Views No comments

Image credit: http://bit.ly/1rU3juZ

This is a reblog from author, Brent Johnson. Original article: http://bit.ly/1NyuXre

TRENTON — New Jersey is one step closer to banning the sale of most flavored electronic cigarettes.

The state Senate's health committee on Monday voted to approve a bill that would bar anyone from selling the increasingly popular vapor products in flavors other than clove, menthol and tobacco.

One Vape Shop Owner Says Vaping Is Helping To Save Lives

By C. Bosco May 16, 2016 2897 Views No comments

Image credit: http://bit.ly/1TimxVr

This is a reblog from author, Aaron Gerwitz. Original article: http://hrld.us/1V6lLMu

As the owner of a vape shop in the Lemon City area of Miami, I have the opportunity to see first hand the benefits of e-cigarettes on a regular basis. Our customers are a diverse group that includes people from many walks of life, ethnicities and income levels. They all have one thing in common: They no longer struggle with smoking.

Vaping Company Sues FDA Over New Regulations

By C. Bosco May 12, 2016 3419 Views No comments

Image credit: http://bit.ly/1R0iMOu

This is a reblog from author Zoe Tillman. Original article: http://bit.ly/24SDH3f

On Tuesday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration officially published new rules regulating vaping products. Not wasting any time, a company that sells the devices and manufactures the “e-liquid” used in them filed a lawsuit early Tuesday claiming the agency overstepped its authority.

Why Is The Government Out To Destroy Vaping?

By C. Bosco May 10, 2016 1736 Views No comments

Image credit: http://bit.ly/1WYLmH1

This is a reblog from author Kylie Smith. Original article: http://bit.ly/1WYLmH1

If a new delivery-room procedure reduced deaths of mothers during labor by 95%, CNN and “60 Minutes” would do special hour-long tributes and the new technique would quickly become mandatory.

If a new safety gadget inside automobiles were demonstrated to reduced fatalities by 95%, it would be talked up as a miracle of the age and be installed in every car.

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