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September 2016

Watch: Beyond The Cloud - A Vaping Documentary

By C. Bosco September 28, 2016 1465 Views No comments

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With more than 6 million deaths per year, tobacco use is the major cause of prematured mortality in the world. WHO estimates that half of current tobacco users die from a disease caused by their addiction.

Satire: Is your iPhone a tobacco product?

By C. Bosco September 22, 2016 1111 Views No comments

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This is a reblog from Vaping Post; original article: http://bit.ly/2cTOBjl

Since several models of vaporizers are these days connectable to bluetooth and all vaping products are regulated as tobacco products even when containing nicotine-free e-liquid, then shouldn't any electronic device such as your smartphone, that an e-cig is able to connect to be considered a tobacco product?

Study Confirms E-Liquid Flavor Choice Decreases Smoking Rates

By C. Bosco September 21, 2016 958 Views No comments

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This is reblog from Vaping Post; original article: http://bit.ly/2cDs8En.

A study carried out in Connecticut shows that flavorings, especially menthol, are factors that may affect smoking behavior and help smokers switch to vaping.

Flavors, from the experience of many vapers and former smokers, are what made the difference when switching to vaping. The wide diversity of fragrances (about 8,000 according to recent projections) is part of the success of the e-cigarette, pretend vaping advocates. But this opinion is nearly ignored by those who regulate this sector.

Study Links E-Cig Use To A Decrease In Smoking

By C. Bosco September 15, 2016 990 Views No comments

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This is reblog from Vaping Post; original article: http://bit.ly/2cLU11x

An observational study by the University College London confirmed a positive link between the use of vaporizers and success in quitting tobacco cigarettes. The article was published in The BMJ, one of the world’s most renowned medical journals, today on the 14th of September. The study opposes concerns that vaping undermines smokers’ effort to quit. These results concur with that of another report released yesterday in the Cochrane Library.

Young Adults Say Vaping Helped Them Quit Smoking

By C. Bosco September 13, 2016 1051 Views No comments

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This is a reblog from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Evan Wright, 18, started smoking cigarettes and cigars early in high school. He sometimes smoked three cigars a night and began to have serious breathing problems, he said. A year ago, he started vaping, which delivers nicotine in an appealingly flavored aerosol without all the toxic chemicals that come from burning tobacco. His breathing problems went away. “Every day, I get the urge to go buy a cigar or a pack of cigarettes, but I pull out the vape and inhale the strawberry pina colada, and I’m good to go,” said Wright, of Des Peres.

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