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November 2016

U.S. Vets Speaking Up Against FDA's New Rules

By C. Bosco November 30, 2016 1293 Views No comments

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The Vape a Vet project was set in place to support veterans quit smoking with the assistance of e-cigarettes as smoking cessation tools. With the vaping industry threatened, veterans are speaking up against the FDA’s unjust regulations. Will America’s most honored group of citizens be heard?

Debunking Another Misleading Study on the "Gateway" Theory

By C. Bosco November 15, 2016 1473 Views No comments

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A new study published in the journal Pediatrics last week claimed once again that flavored e-liquids lure youths into vaping which later leads to smoking. Anti-smoking expert Michael Siegel discussed this flawed premise, and how this study is not accurate.

U.S. Smoking Rates Continue To Decline

By C. Bosco November 12, 2016 1184 Views No comments

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This is reblog from NPR: http://n.pr/2fhDn9J

The number of cigarette smokers in the United States has dropped by 8.6 million since 2005 — and that fall could be accelerated by a tobacco tax just passed in California.

Can Vaping Help Ex-Smokers Lose Weight?

By C. Bosco November 10, 2016 1539 Views No comments

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This is a reblog from The Daily Caller: http://bit.ly/2fUWnwL

Electronic cigarettes could potentially function as a weight loss tool for people trying to quit, according to a new study that shows nicotine suppresses appetite.

Many smokers trying to quit struggle with weight loss and the liquid nicotine in e-cigarettes could stem these cravings for food. The nicotine in cigarettes is what specifically makes smokers less likely to overeat, according to the new study published in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research.

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