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Vaping Ban on Flights: One Congressman's Cloud of Protest

Vaping Ban on Flights: One Congressman's Cloud of Protest
By C. Bosco February 12, 2016 2268 Views No comments

Image Credit: Mashable.com

A Republican Congressman's smoky stunt during a debate on banning the use of electronic cigarettes on planes ended up being vaporized on Thursday. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) blew out a fat cloud of vaporizer juice in protest against a proposed federal ban on the puffing of e-cigarettes on board aircraft during a Congressional hearing. He was opposing the call of Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) to add the prohibition to legislation that's setting policy for the Federal Aviation Administration. "So, this is called a vaporizer," he said, as the vapors rose into the air.

Several people in the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee laughed at his stunt, but a colleague sitting next to him was forced to fan the fog away. Hunter talked up the benefits of puffing on vaporizers, and the lack of danger he said they posed on aircrafts. He insisted there was no combustion, carcinogens or burning, though he didn't produce any scientific evidence to back up his claims.

"There's nothing noxious about this whatsoever," he added

"This has helped thousands of people quit smoking. It's helped me quit smoking."

But his plea ultimately proved futile as the committee, marking up its Aviation Innovation, Reform, and Reauthorization Act, voted to approve Norton's amendment on a 33-26 vote. Most of the world's major airlines ban vaping, but it now looks set for a federal restriction, FOX5 reports. Norton said it would work alongside the existing banning of cigarettes in airline cabins as a health risk and e-cigarettes in checked bags due to fire concerns. She said it was "in keeping with existing policy that there is no smoking on airlines today," according to The Hill. As vaping is a relatively new trend, scientists and health officials are divided on their possible health effects.

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