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Chicago's Vaping 160% Vaping Tax: 10 Months Later

By C. Bosco October 18, 2016 1371 Views No comments

Image credit: http://bit.ly/2ei2NRA

This is a reblog from Vaping Post: http://bit.ly/2epP0HF

With the popularity of e-cigarettes rising as smoking cessation aids, which led to a significant decrease in cigarette sales, and therefore a great tax revenue loss for the government, what did city and state officials do to compensate? Label e-cigarettes as unsafe and toxic, and tax them heavily.

Chicago Bans Smokeless Tobacco at Ballparks And The Cubs And White Sox Aren't Happy

By C. Bosco March 17, 2016 1441 Views No comments

Image credit: Gawker Media

This is a reblog from author: Barry Petchesky. Original article: http://bit.ly/1UjAPX0

Yesterday, Chicago’s city council passed an ordinance banning all forms of smokeless tobacco from the city’s sports stadiums. That means no dip, no chaw, no snus, all informally part of baseball culture as long as there has been a sport where men sit around for three hours every day. And for the players addicted to the stuff, it’s going to be hard as hell...

Chicago, IL - Fight Back Against Misinformation!

By J. Foster February 11, 2016 2026 Views No comments

Image credit: http://bit.ly/1SKJscY

This is a reblog originally posted February 9, 2016 at http://blog.casaa.org/2016/02/chicago-il-fight-bac...

Chicago, IL: If you live in, work, or visit the city of Chicago, you may have noticed billboards and posters around town that make wildly inaccurate statements about vapor products. After being visible for more than a month now, CASAA is hearing accounts that the “Vaping Truth” campaign is causing confusion among consumers and has discouraged some smokers from trying vaping as an alternative...

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