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FDA Stopped From Banning 99% of Vapor Products

By C. Bosco April 20, 2016 5450 Views 1 comment

Image credit: http://bit.ly/1XIVFxl

This is a reblog from author Kaleigh Rogers. Original article: http://bit.ly/1WehK8h

The vaping industry is breathing a sigh of relief (and, I mean, probably also some vapor) after a congressional committee passed an amendment [that stops the FDA from banning 99% of vaping products available today] that could bolster the industry against pending federal regulations.

What Happens When You're Facing Swapping A Vape Face?

By C. Bosco April 15, 2016 5644 Views No comments

(Image credit: http://bit.ly/1YynyIP)

This is a reblog from author, Ryan Whitwam. Original article: http://bit.ly/1Sg2o0l

What do you get when you combine video selfies and vaping? You would think combining two things you’re sick of hearing about would result in something rather obnoxious, but the video is surprisingly cool. You get a floating ghostly vapor face with well over a million hits on YouTube in less than two days.

Doctors in Italy Publish Report On Vaping And Possible Long-Term Benefits

By C. Bosco April 1, 2016 1656 Views No comments

This is a reblog from author, Jerome Harlay. Original article: http://bit.ly/1PIl6Js

A scientific article recently published by the Pulmonologist Riccardo Polosa and his co-authors from the University of Catania, Italy, confirms preliminary findings of health benefits by switching to electronic cigarettes...

Are More E-Cig Taxes Coming In 2016?

By C. Bosco March 25, 2016 2036 Views No comments

This is a reblog from author: Liz Sheld. Original article: http://bit.ly/1MpRzcF

The government revenue-acquiring apparatus, always eager to get a cut of a flourishing new industry, is about to hit "vapers" with some new taxes.

Many "vapers," or folks who use electronic cigarettes, are former smokers who are no longer purchasing highly and punitively taxed tobacco products. The government is not getting tax revenue from this pool of citizens anymore, so it is looking to find a way to recoup the loss.

The Vaping Community Strikes Back: Huffington Post Forced To Fix Erroneous E-Cig Story

By C. Bosco March 22, 2016 2142 Views No comments

This is a reblog from author Guy Bentley. Original article: http://bit.ly/1PplYSR

The Huffington Post has made a series of corrections to an error-strewn video featuring Dr. Margaret Cuomo, sister of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, claiming e-cigarettes are just as dangerous as tobacco cigarettes.

The video published Monday stirred up a torrent of criticism from scientists, doctors, and the public. Cuomo, who fails to cite any evidence during the course of the video, puts forward one of the most radical and as of yet unsupported views about the risks of e-cigarettes...

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