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Study Debunks "Vaping Gateway To Smoking" Theories

By C. Bosco January 26, 2017 795 Views No comments

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Another group of researchers is sounding the alarm on the supposed dangers of vaping, warning it’s “clear that e-cigarettes act as a gateway to smoking.”

A new study from the University of California, San Francisco claims to have found no evidence electronic cigarettes played a part in the youth smoking rate drop, and are actually converting vape users into full-time smokers.

Debunking Another Misleading Study on the "Gateway" Theory

By C. Bosco November 15, 2016 955 Views No comments

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A new study published in the journal Pediatrics last week claimed once again that flavored e-liquids lure youths into vaping which later leads to smoking. Anti-smoking expert Michael Siegel discussed this flawed premise, and how this study is not accurate.