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Are Vapers Quitting For Good or Reverting Back to Smoking?

By C. Bosco February 9, 2017 665 Views No comments

Image credit: http://bit.ly/2kwe85y

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This is the query that a recent study funded by Cancer Research UK is aiming to resolve, by studying the correlation between e-cigarette users and permanent smoking cessation success rates.

Vaping Emits Fewer Carcinogens Than Previously Thought, Study Says

By C. Bosco March 8, 2016 4662 Views No comments

Image credit: vaping360.com

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Good news for vapers who aren’t keen on sucking back a chemical widely used in embalming fluid: e-cigarettes don't appear to emit as much formaldehyde as previously thought, and tend to emit levels much lower than cigarettes, according to a study published this week in Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology...