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Smoque Vapours Lounges were the first and now oldest vape shops in Chicago! Whether you are in Chicago’s Loop or north side, our vape lounges will be there offering the highest quality vape juices, vape mods, vape pens, vaporizers, vape tanks, vape coils and the JUUL Vapor kits with JUUL Pods, available! Don’t forget about our second location in Kenosha, Wisconsin! A thirty minute trip south of Milwaukee, our Kenosha location is just minutes from Lake Michigan in the heart of downtown Kenosha. Find us Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; search “vape shop near me” in downtown Chicago or Kenosha Wisconsin and stop by us today!

Expect a fun a vibrant atmosphere at any Smoque Vapours Lounge vape store. Each location boasts more than the best vape juices in town; video games, premium lounge seating and a welcoming and friendly vibe will keep you entertain hours beyond sampling new vape juices. Alongside our award-winning premium lines and house e-juice, we offer a variety of third-party premium vape juices and only the most up-to-date e-cigarette/mod hardware available!

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